Agata is my nice, she is two years old, tireless and lively child. She likes to play with the ball. She exclaims “ball!” when she sees a spherical object. The cognitive aspect for her is not decisive for identification of stereotyped characters of things. I worked with her starting from the design of forms related to the sphere, using two-three dimensional media, tools, different colors. Agata was led but was also left free to bring out the spontaneity. The work was presented at the exhibition. With my first approach to contemporary art, through the world of childhood, I wanted to emphasize the naturalness of the child with the rationality of the adult: how she sees the world and how I see the world. The circle drawn by Agata can be associated with a sign, my circle, realized with a chalk on the ground, is a circular shape that defines and circumscribes the child, is stereotype, is a circle, but is not perfect. I’ll photographs and may be I’ll shoot a video that will be on display. Circles – area – gata is the title of the work (photo size: 35 x 45 cm, max three entries).