What about creativity in the school?

A teacher must be a “charismatic” leader. Every time a teacher must know to distinguish approach to education that should not be monotonous, to alternate activity, to amaze students with special effects.

The importance to help children to develop creativity

Creativity is inside children. Very often, during workshops, they suggest a lot. Children use art tools in a disinsterested way, without logic notion. They are fantastic. Free spirit should not be lost in time. With simple directions they solve every kind of activities. Is very important for them to find someone who can stimulate imagination to accompany during growth.

What have you done in the field of art?

To become artist? I decided to become artist when I was a child. I was involved time drawing and “scribbling”. It was good for me, it was relaxing. When I was fourteen I told my parents: “I want to attend art school”. I am always been a curious person. Any artistic expression helped me, brought innovation to my artistic work. Is very important for me comparison with the others; is necessary for me to grow professionally. I am versatile. I have many interests. I like investigate various forms of art.

Which kind of tools do you use? How did your passion? How can you spred it?

I am very lucky. In my family we are creative. My grandfather was an excellent designer, my father and my uncles paint, my mother studied music. I teach in an art school. Teacher must be creative. The sculptor Mauro Staccioli was the principal of the art school where I have attended conferences of international artists (Alik Cavaliere, Bruno Bozzetto, Claudio Sugliani, etc.). The teachings in this context allowed me to hone the art of drawing and art techniques. After high school I attended the Academy of fine arts “Carrara” in Bergamo (Italy). Multifaceted direction of photographer Mario Cresci and lessons of Angela Vettese, Martina Corgnati, Giorgio Verzotti, Jorrit Tornquist, Marco Senaldi, Renato Boero, Bruno Bandini, Nicole Gravier, Calisto Gritti, Claudio Sugliani, Laura Mattioli Rossi, Aldo Montù, Armando Tormasi led me to a further opening of horizons of art. I pass art through workshops, performances, I collaborate with schools, institutions, museums.

Can you teach “to learn” to be artist?

To be artist! Anyone can claim to be artist? Can you be artist even if you don’t produce anything? A dilemma. In the contemporary world is not essential to be a good technician and to know how to use only a tool. I believe that those who teach art must practice art. Artist must know how to use every media to express a concept. Wei-Wei, a chinese artist, underscores: “To be artist is a mental disposition, a way to see things. Is not so much to produce something. No more”. This assertion is in contraposition with “to know how to do”, main judgment of arts education is based in the production of an object. Is very important to be in contact with substance, to prove only sensations to do something and to dedicate time. Journey and experience enrich more than result of single artist.

What teachers can do to help students to develop creativity?

Creativity is important for training students. Teachers should keep workshops dedicated to creativity of all levels of education. Everyone can be creative. Teachers should develop ability of single student, make students aware of their potential, show the right way to go. The important thing is to learn to become creative at school and then use skills to create a work.